Complete Solution for Forensic Data Recovery with Accuracy

Forensic Data Recovery

Forensic data recovery has become a crucial part cyberspace due to rising affects of cybercrime. The world of cybercrime has touched a peak where it has started affecting people at personal, professional and monetary level to large extent. Email that is considered as the reliable source for interaction, online transactions and sharing information are being targeted for cyber space crime. Disappointing, but true.

Not many users bother about security of their email accounts which in many situations leads to its misusage. Now you must be wondering how? As we know that emails are being used for varied purposes in day to day life, theft of username and password can becomes a mode for illegal profit for a hacker. This is called Identity Theft and is a major part of cybercrime!

Fortunately, when such mis-happenings occur, email data investigation proffers a way out to examine the culprit behind the crime. All thanks to forensic data recovery that introduced cybercrime victims with path to cope up with loses. Below mentioned are some of the faces of identity theft that seriously demand absolute examination to bring criminal to justice.

  • Scenario 1 (Business Problems): The email account of the victim is being hacked and the account is being misused for spreading malicious virus to his/her address book (This injects virus to the computers of receivers with consequences like data loss).
  • Scenario 2 (Money Related Issues): The account password is hacked and is misused for online transaction details that cause monetary loses.
  • Scenario 3 (Affecting Confidentiality): The hacked account is being used to send offensive emails that affect people at personal level.

Cyber crime investigation helps in identifying the culprit through headers of the emails that carry complete routing information of a mail message from senders address to IP address. The process of analyzing email headers can be made convenient and accurate with a solution like our tool that provides header view, MIME view, HTML/RTF view and hex code of the emails.

Analysis of Email Header

Key Features: Tool to Analyze Forensic Emails

  • The Forensic Analyst software enable forensic experts examining the mail messages of 10 different file formats: EDB, OLM, PST, OST, TBB, MBOX, TMM, MBX, Sea Monkey and Thunderbird. What makes the solution to analyze email data flexible is it does not demand installation of respective email platforms in the system.analyze forensic emails
  • The software after email analyzing provide users with option to save the case study which can be further exported to PDF, MSG file of Outlook, EML file of Outlook Express & HTML file format.Export Forensic Data
  • Evidences for forensic data recovery can be collected using search filter in the software that allows quickly finding email/attachments related information through date of mail receiving, attachment format, subject of email etc.
  • The software is built up with the potential to recover corrupted or deleted email so that cyber crime investigation is executed in accomplished manner.

Testimonials of the Forensic Data Recovery

Our team is thankful for your software product which helped our private investigation to deal with email forensics. It has a caliber of presenting the email data in investigative perspective through various views options which made the investigation much easier.

- Mark Johansson, San Diego

I am highly impressed with the quick response of technical experts associated with the software service. We were guided well to explore more about the software which is truly appreciable. It is an amazing email forensics tool and we are thankful for the product!

- Doris Dewison, Arizona